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Yes, And...eXercise Festival in Texas!

Join us at the Empire Control Room in Austin, TX on Saturday, April 1 for a spectacular day of community, creativity and fun. We will have hands on "playshops" where we will demonstrate the fun and practical health benefits of improvisation and storytelling. People with Parkinson's, care partners and medical/wellness providers are all welcome. 

These evidence-based programs, developed in PhD clinical trials, have been shown to increase creativity, communication, and confidence. They address the well-known but drastically underserved cognitive and psychosocial needs within the Parkinson's community.  


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Having witnessed a Yes, And...eXercise! my wife participated in, I can attest to how this exercise leads to a more positive take on life … and would lead undoubtedly to higher Quality of Life scoring.

John A. Scarlett, MD

The individuals who participated said they just had such fun doing this. And, boy, laughter is such good medicine.  The research is pretty clear:  maintaining social connections and reducing isolation has a dramatic effect on quality of life.

Polly Dawkins, Executive Director Davis Phinney Foundation

The exercises fire off parts of my brain that otherwise would be dark and silent, and maybe even beginning to atrophy. I’m not very good at the improv exercises, but I sure feel accepted and happier each time I participate.

John Rhett, Person with Parkinson's

MISSION: We provide a safe, fun and kind place for people with, affected by, and serving the Parkinson’s disease to connect, empower and enhance their lives through improvisation and storytelling.

VISION: To become the world’s most used and joyful improvisation and storytelling program.

  Improv for all!    


"But improv is not for me." Maybe you've seen improv as a performance and thought it was only for the brilliant few. We hear your fear and say follow it..or F it. Whatever works. Just don't let it eat you. 


We believe in the power of play. And we absolutely believe play is for everyone. We are born knowing how to play and, as we age, tend to forget its effect because we stop doing it. YAX is that missing playground. It is a safe space to become whoever you want, wherever you want, and whenever you want.


How? Massive, unbridled amounts of Yes, And. Come try a Jam for Joy drop in session to see what we're YAXing about. 

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