Yes, And...eXercise Festival in Texas!

POSTPONED?! Yes, and...

Dear YAX Family,


The Yes, And…eXercise Festival in Texas (YAX F iT!) has been postponed. While we’re disappointed in not making it happen on the originally planned day (Dec. 3rd, 2022), we’re also realistic about what we’ve been dealing with - deep brain stimulation surgery and finishing a PhD program among other things. 


To that end, we acknowledge and celebrate our failure - YAY! And AAAA-OOOOO-GAHHHHH! We’re celebrating all of our eFForts and embracing the lessons of daring greatly and rising strong (thank you, Brene). Silly as that might sound, this is an example of walking our talk. In improv, we fail big. We follow the fear, fun and failure. We learn from what went wrong and celebrate the number of things that went right. 


We had a fantastic idea for a fabulous fundraising festival in a funky Austin venue.  We had great early success and quickly found a fun venue which flung its funky door open and welcomed us in.  Beautiful positive support for YAX F iT appeared everywhere we turned, with one frustrating exception:  the F’ing calendar.   Other people’s calendars didn’t give them the freedom to come and play with us this December.  Time; budget; wrong quarter; already made charitable contributions, yada yada yada. No one said, "No”, they just said, “Not now”. Those words, of course, were encouraging, and we listened.  


With that said, we’re moving into the future. We’re planning the YAX F iT for April 1, 2023 - April Fool’s Day, no less! And for that, we’re going to need You! You! You! One of the biggest lessons we learned is we can’t do this alone. There are a number of coordinating elements we need help with as we build this - phone calls, emails, etc.. If you would like to help us coordinate, we fully accept your offer!  Feel free to write us back if you’re able to help us with some emails and phone calls as we build toward the event in April 2023.


The Jam for Joy will continue as planned, and we hope to see you on Tuesday. Feel free to sign up here to save your space.


With F’ing pride in practicing what we preach,


Your Lone Nut (Robert) and First Follower (Susan)

MISSION: We provide a safe, fun and kind place for people with, affected by, and serving the Parkinson’s disease to connect, empower and enhance their lives through improvisation.

  Improv for all!    

VISION: To become the world’s most known, used and joyful online improvisation program.


"But improv is not for me." Maybe you've seen improv as a performance and thought it was only for the brilliant few. We hear your fear and say follow it..or F it. Whatever works. Just don't let it eat you. 


We believe in the power of play. And we absolutely believe play is for everyone. We are born knowing how to play and, as we age, tend to forget its effect because we stop doing it. YAX is that missing playground. It is a safe space to become whoever you want, wherever you want, and whenever you want.


How? Massive, unbridled amounts of Yes, And. Come try a Jam for Joy drop in session to see what we're YAXing about.