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The Green Mile

Roger Ebert wrote: "Stephen King has in his best novels some of the power of Dickens, who created worlds that enveloped us and populated them with colorful, peculiar, sharply seen characters.​" The Green Mile does this for us, taking us into a world we wouldn't want to go (death row) and at the end, be extraordinarily grateful we went. The reason we're glad is because of the characters, what's at stake and what we see as possible in humanity. Join us to find what's here for you in the Green Mile.

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How it works

We meet online once a week over the course of 16 weeks. We explore each week's theme through music, writing and a clip from Stand by Me. We'll put each stage of the journey up against Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey, asking questions and pursuing the parts that speak to each of us. Every participant writes one page per week about the experience and shares it with the rest of the class via a password-protected Google Drive. We learn the most in what we see in our fellow classmates writing. 


about your instructor

Robert Cochrane, PhD is a lifelong Stephen King Constant Reader. He has also adapted two of King's works into short films. You can get more details on his King connection in this series of blogs. Robert studied the effect of improvisation and storytelling on the Parkinson's community in the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences doctoral program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. After several years of running these programs, it became clear that the universal positive effects of his unique form of Cinema Therapy extend beyond those with PD. Cinema Therapy helps us see the films we love differently. It's not just what the films say to you, it's about what you have to say because of what you feel about the film. Your stories, and your relationship to the stories you love, matter. 

Robert now matches these programs with with some of his most beloved films adapted from King's work to help you explore, discover and share your stories. 

Perry H., AZ

I would describe Dr. Robert's class as fun, challenging, imagination stretching, and deeply emotional. The Doc is amazing. I have surprised myself when I look over my own weekly assignments.

Shabbir L., CA

I think the most valuable thing I have learned is how much more of a  storyteller I am than I thought I was. 

The story telling, using metaphors, helps tremendously. They allow me to be more free to express my emotions. This has helped me to experience more freedom.

Stacy K., Italy

The Day One program has dramatically changed my life and reminded me of who I really am, what I’m made of, and where I want to go.

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