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Day One: Turning PD Inside Out

The Pixar classic Inside Out is a remarkable, breakthrough film on many levels. The Day One program will take you on a Hero's Journey with Joy, Sadness and all the other emotions to turn the way you feel about your PD Inside Out.


Make Today Day One For You

This new, evidence-based, clinically-tested writing program is open to people with PD, their care partners, family members, and friends. We meet online for 90 minutes, once per week over the course of 16 weeks. Participants will write one page per week about their experience and share it on a password-protected Google Drive with classmates. Each participant is also expected to read and leave feedback on two of their fellow classmates pages as this is an ensemble-based program. We will start each session by moving to music that is themed to the stage of the Hero's Journey, then play improvisation games that support our growth, understanding and connection to one another. We will also watch clips from Inside Out that demonstrate the Hero's Journey. All sessions will be recorded so that students who have to miss a session at its scheduled time can catch up at their convenience. 

Research on emotions and PD

Social isolation is a risk factor for worsened health outcomes and increased mortality - Dr. Indu Subramanian

The additional hidden burden of stigma from PD affects quality of life - Dr. Bradley McDaniels

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