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Ending PD book meeting Oct_27_2023

It's our time to write! The Senate passed National Plan to End Parkinson's disease Act. More than ever, it's time to share our stories.

Dear Senator
(a template you can use!)
by Amy 

A template for Day One participants to thank Senators, Representatives and help with what's next.

Bare Bones Advocacy
How to make contact
by BJ Bement

Where we begin

"Ending Parkinson’s disease" is a dynamic book that calls us all to action - and today’s the day we act! It lays out the history, the current problem, and how to fight to get the chemicals out of our environment that have contributed to the prevalence of Parkinson’s disease diagnoses rising to pandemic levels. What’s missing from this movement is our stories. Simply put, we're not speaking loudly or clearly enough for the policy-makers to hear us. That’s where Day One: the Parkinson’s Prison and the Hero’s Journey to Escape comes in. This evidence-based intervention, developed and tested in a PhD program, helps people with, affected by, and serving the PD community understand, explore, shape and share their PD stories that will make an impact.

Perry H. 

I would describe Dr. Robert's class as fun, challenging, imagination stretching, and deeply emotional. The Doc is amazing. I have surprised myself when I look over my own weekly assignments. His concepts convey feeling and edge of seat anticipation from the reader. My thick skull is sometimes hesitant to absorb new ideas, but I'm improving week by week. There is no room for any negative thought...just uplifting guidance and suggestions to help what we write as compelling and descriptive as possible. The challenge is formidable, but it sure as hell is picking corners of my brain that haven't been harvested before.

Our stories are aimed to bring new PD awareness with a personal touch to each individual experience.

Doris M.

The first Day One class was huge for me; an opportunity to stretch in so many directions, and to have fun at the same time. Parkinson’s Prison is on a whole new level.  I find myself willing to dig deeper into the fear and high anxiety that have become more problematic as PD steamrolls across my life.  And since I can no longer prevent them from coming to the surface, what do I have to lose?  I might as well learn how to disinfect them with light.  


That’s a round-about way of saying “thank you” for adding immense joy, laughter, challenges and purpose as I continue “Living Doris Days.”  I hope you know what an impact you make and how important and appreciated you are in so many lives.

Susan S.

For me, the most valuable aspect of the Day One class is increased self-understanding, and therefore increased self-confidence and self-efficacy. In addition to my own awareness of courage and capacity increasing, my family and friends are astonished at the changes they have seen in me as I have traveled on the Day One journey.  These changes are a direct result of the self-exploration that was supported and encouraged by Robert and by my fellow travelers on the hero’s journey. 

I don't know if Robert and my fellow travelers really understand the depth of the significance of their presence on this journey. I do. Even with their own struggles and challenges, their very presence and interest in me and in understanding what I discovered as I peeled back the layers of the onion made the difference.  The community we built and the connections we experienced on this journey helped transform the proverbial onion into the life-giving cake. This is a recipe I will treasure forever!

Day One: The Parkinson's Prison and the Hero's Journey to Escape Testimonials

How you can get involved

1) Sign up for Day One: the Parkinson's Prison and the Hero's Journey to Escape

2) Contact your local library and ask that they add Ending Parkinson's disease to their offerings. 

3) Attend monthly online meetings here to discuss the latest on how we're working to End Parkinson's disease. We meet on the last Friday of each month. Here is the Zoom link to register for our next meeting. 

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