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Birthday Presents

Paying it forward using Facebook
on your birthday or...anytime!

​Thank you for your interest in having a fundraiser for Yes, And...exercise on your Facebook page. You may have seen such fundraisers on other friends pages, commonly for birthdays, e.g.: "Instead of gifts for my birthday, I'd like to support [charity] with a fundraiser for my birthday this year". Here are the practical steps to hosting a fundraiser on your Facebook page.

  1. Sign into Facebook.

  2. Click this link:

  3. Click "Select Nonprofit".

  4. Enter "Yes and Exercise" in the search window.

  5. Fill out the details along the left side (including):

    • Title & How much you want to raise.

    • The date you want the fundraiser to end.

    • The story of why Yes, And...eXercise! is important to you. Share your emotional discoveries, community, and laughter. 

    • Add a photo.

  6. Click Create.

A message will pop up that congratulates you on creating your fundraiser. From there, you can invite your friends to donate, share your fundraiser in your News Feed, or donate to the fundraiser yourself. Thank you!

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