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Pay it Forward

Expressing gratitude has been shown, scientifically, to make us happier, healthier and more connected. One way to share gratitude is to pay it forward. In improvisation, we do so by making our fellow players look and feel great. We point to the fun we create together, "yes, anding" great things others have done and spinning gold out of things some might fear as mistakes. There are no right or wrong answers in improvisation. We accept with such openness and enthusiasm that we instantly create a cycle and culture of giving, supporting and fulfilling everyone who plays. By making "yes, and" an exercise, we strengthen positive recall. We learn to remember the joy in balance with the struggle, leading to more optimism, kindness, and resilience. 

How it works with YAX

We do not charge for our Jam for Joy classes. We do not bill insurance. We offer participants the opportunity to pay it forward at the end of our classes. You may click the donate button on our home page. We also have received some creative ways to raise money - including having a Facebook fundraiser for your birthday (click for details on how to do it - it's easy!). We also remind participants that paying it forward does not have to be financial. You can pay forward the experience by sharing the classes with family, friends, and the workplace. You can get Robert booked to be the keynote at your next PD community event. See that ticket? You can click it.

Please contact Robert with questions about how you and your group can play with YAX.


The inspiration

My Father, Dan Cochrane, was diagnosed with PD in 2001. We began our deep dive into understanding PD in 2004 on a two month, 20,000 mile road trip to see a game at each of the 30 MLB stadiums. We met, tailgated with and interviewed people with and affected by PD. We made the award-winning first film in the Boys of Summer documentary series from that trip. We followed up in 2014 as the cure we'd hoped for never arrived. In the sequel, Boys of Summer: Second Base, dad gives a eulogy for his father, sharing how his father paid it forward to him. My father has paid it forward to me. Yes, And...eXercise! is built to pay it forward to the PD community at large. 

For more information on Boys of Summer, please visit

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