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House Rules

Hello all! The most important thing I do as the creator and facilitator of this activity is create a safe and brave space for us all to play. In order to achieve that, we need to follow a few simple house rules:

1) Show up on time - The class moves fast and everything counts! The best plan is to show up five minutes before class starts. We’ll usually have someone to welcome you. 


2) Opening movement - We play a song and move to start our time together. “Dance” is a loaded word for some. Please know that nodding your head or clapping your hands is enough. I simply require that you move. You won’t like every song - some won’t be your cup of tea. So it goes with tastes! You are welcome to request a song that does move you and we’ll all learn what your tastes are. What I ask you to do is move regardless, as this is our opening Yes, And group exercise. It says, “Yes, I hear music. And I’m going to move with everyone else.”


3) Please mute yourself when you enter, especially if you have any other noise in your environment (pet, media, loud person, etc.).


4) No eating - this is an active class. Think of it like Rock Steady or Dance for PD - you wouldn’t bring a slice of pizza into that environment, would you??? 


5) Have fun. Some say it goes without saying. Not me. So I say it again: Have fun. It’s yours to have.

What is the Jam for Joy?

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The Jam for Joy is for people with PD, care partners and the medical/wellness staff who serve our community. It's an hour of improvisational fun, connection and discovery in a safe/brave space where we show our full selves, have each others backs at all times, and know there are no wrong answers. Absolutely no experience is required - come as you are! 






I like, I wish, What if...?

At the end of each Jam for Joy, we ask participants to reflect on the time we spent together (usually an hour) and offer a bit of gratitude beginning with the prompt, "I like", "I wish" or "What if". Check out the videos above that give quick examples.


Who, ME? Improvise?!

Click to read a fun blog on your improv fears and a few people who empathize and have broken through to the other side and are glad they did.


"Dr. Robert Cochrane from Yes, and Exercise was our guest speaker. I wish I could describe for you what Robert's presentation entailed, but I just have to say, “You had to be there!” It was so unique and fun but can’t be put it into words." - Sue Schnittker, Delta Shadow Boxers PD Support

Can I set up a private online Jam for Joy for my group? If you have a group of at least six but no more than 16 - all participants should be on their own screen and can join from anywhere in the world with their internet-connected device - contact Robert directly for pricing and to set up a date and time.

Can I have an In-Person Jam for Joy series of classes for my group? It is possible, but it will depend on several logistics. Please read this document with a full in-person course description, then contact Robert.