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Day One: The Parkinson's Prison

(and the Hero's Journey to escape!)

"I'm a prisoner in my own body," Muhammad Ali

The stories we tell ourselves shape our reality, whether we are conscious of them or not.   

Storytelling researcher Brene' Brown says that stories are data with soul. To that end, researchers need this valuable data to know what research needs to be done. The feeling of being trapped, stuck and isolated are commonly reported by people with Parkinson's. 

In this powerful new evidence-based class, developed in a PhD study, people with and affected by Parkinson's, will explore, write and share their stories from the perspective of feeling imprisoned by Parkinson's. What stories are keeping you locked in? This exciting new program began in May 2023. Click the pdf icon below for more program information and the Sign Up button to join us for the next session in the fall of 2023.