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Make a video where you show us how you shake - have fun!


Challenge three people to show you how they shake.


Show us! Share your shake on social media with #shakechallenge


Spread the word so together we can shake over the world! 

Helpful hashtags: #shakechallenge, #Parkinson, #parkinsons, #parkinsonsawareness, #parkinsonsexercise, #neurology, #everybodyshakes, #yesandexercise

Take the challenge: Shake with us!

The Full Shake Story

Tremors and dyskinesias, sometimes perceived as "shakes", are common symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease (PD). Isolation due to shame associated with these and other conditions of PD can lead to negative outcomes, including depression, apathy, and anxiety. Our goal with the Shake Challenge is to educate the public about what people with PD feel in a fun and engaging way. We're here to shake up the PD narrative.

More than a mindset, Yes, And...eXercise is built on evidence-based research, featuring clinically-tested improvisation and storytelling programs that can help the PD community shake off stigma and increase quality of life. Your support of our 501(c)3 non-profit organization helps make these programs possible. When we connect, move, create, and play together, we shake off the things that were blocking us. 

As Dr. Cochrane's father, Dan Cochrane, who has been diagnosed with PD since 2001 says, “It’s just F’n Parkinson’s”. Dan uses gallows humor to thrive and hopes that you’ll treat him just as you would anyone else. Just because he may look a little different doesn’t mean he wants to be treated differently. We encourage everyone to include, engage, have fun and laugh with your friends and family with PD - never at them. Shaking together, in all the different ways we do, is a way we can all be seen, respected and included.


Get in touch so we can start shaking together.

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