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Say yes to smiles and laughter

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Who doesn’t like to smile and laugh? Who doesn’t like to belong to a group of people that you know you will enjoy spending time with? This is what improv gives me, a guaranteed time twice a week with people who I know will open their heart, share laughter and smiles in a safe environment where all are welcomed. How fun is that!?!

Oh, by the way, improv also challenges my mind to move in different directions to look at situations in a new light, to think out of my box, to rewire my brain and push my cognitive skills to new levels. I have been participating in Robert’s improv to improve PD classes over the last two months. It’s given me an opportunity to know that no matter what is going on in the world, I will have two hours a week of guaranteed laughter.

Within those two hours I will be challenged to think creatively, to smile until my face hurts, and laugh uproariously. I also get to use my imagination and practice saying yes and to whatever comes my way. All of these skills can be taken with me as I move thru my days of sheltering in place and beyond. I can look at opportunities that come my way and instead of pulling back, hiding or being concerned “I can’t”, I can move on to “yes, and” to see what marvelous doors open to me.

What skills do you need to join this group? Only the skill to listen and say yes. What other class can you take that requires so little? Come and join us. Say “yes, and” to let more laughter and joy enter your life.

- Written by Beth D.

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