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Asking for a Friend

John Hurley is a dear friend I've had the pleasure of meeting through the Jam for Joy and Day One programs. He has written some of the most influential work in the class, inspiring his classmates to look deeper, feel more freely and live with greater strength of purpose. I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with him at the 2023 Within Our Reach Symposium at the University of Maryland where he shared his story.


He is having surgery on Friday, Feb. 29 and has asked for healing energy to be sent his way. He writes:


To all of the friends I have met through Jam for Joy, Day One or any other connection with Robert. I will be having significant back surgery on Thursday, February 29 (yes, Leap Year Day.)


It’s a spinal fusion from the L-3 to S-1 vertebrae. Surgery is scheduled to start at 8:30 AM, Eastern time, at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. I invite you to send me a wave of healing energy at that time, or anytime in the morning when it occurs to you. I feel certain that the collective energy and prayers that you send that day will greatly enhance the success of the surgery and the ease of my recovery. Thanks in advance for your support.


John Hurley

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