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Your Daily Dose of Dopamine: Featuring Cole Galloway, PhD

Here's a snippet of our interview with Cole Galloway, PhD. His research Research focuses on physical rehabilitation for children. He is founder of the Go Baby Go program, which helps children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities move and explore the world.

ROBERT: Hi Cole, how are you?

COLE: Hey fellas and ladies. I'm really good I'm really good. I just came

off of the class and I'm buzzing - we're buzzing from the jam for joy.

ROBERT: And so everybody knows what I just discovered, what does your shirt say

COLE: Good necessary trouble.

ROBERT: What does it mean to you, "Good necessary trouble"?

COLE: It's about it's about seeing stuff and saying stuff and and looking outward. It's okay to push envelopes and it's okay to be authentic. In life when you see something that needs to be changed, you don't falter - you jump in there. And you watch the community rally and support and protect and you can't go back. Even if something in your head says I'd like to go I'd like to take a break and maybe be a little less vulnerable be a little bit less of something -it's too late! You've already become impactful. And I know you guys feel that with YAX as it propels you. I have a lot of these (shirts) and they're almost a little mantras to me to just remember who you are and that you've got a purpose and...go out there and flex.

See the rest of our interviews, part one and two, at our YouTube channel. Please be sure to like, subscribe and share!

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