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Your Daily Dose of Dopamine: Featuring Cindy Copley

The following is the opening transcript from an interview with an awesomely inspiring Run Disney enthusiast who has been making and wearing amazing Disney-themed costumes on the courses for over ten years. For the whole episode, please click this link.

Robert: Tell me about your history with run Disney.

Cindy: For those of you who haven't run Disney I would definitely encourage you to consider it uh my my beginning with run Disney started in 2012. Disneyland was offering their inaugural Tinkerbell race the first race that was going to be held at Disneyland during the month of January. As a non-runner, I decided to do it as a as a gift for my upcoming 50th birthday. So this non-experienced, non-runner going out there to run a half marathon because this running bib fell in my lap and I only had 30 days to train...well, I love Disney I'm from Southern Cal so I said, "Sure, why not?"

While I was on the course running through Disneyland I saw where they talk about every mile is Magic. It truly was and it wasn't only running in the on the course and in the Parks but it was the people around him and it was also the costumes that really touched my heart.

For the whole episode, please click this link.

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