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Field your Dreams with us

Updated: May 13

Robert McKee is known as a guru in Hollywood for his ability to break down and rebuild stories. Hollywood bases its entire existence on being able to tell great stories that connect with the audiences. For as much as people complain about the stories that come out of Hollywood being recycled, they seem to miss a few key points: 1) it's show BUSINESS, meaning they're in it for the money, 2) there's a reason we’ve been telling the same stories for thousands of years, regardless of culture, geography or time period, 3) We are creatures of habit, generally averse to risk and new experiences.

This is not to say we can’t or don’t evolve - it just takes lots of effort and, more often than not, that’s the bridge most would rather not cross. Consider the following passage from McKee’s, Story:

This leads us to an exciting announcement with the Day One program: We will be offering the online group writing course, “Day One: Fielding your Dreams” beginning on June 18, 2024. The program will be inspired by and feature clips from the classic, mystic film, Field of Dreams, shown through the lens of the Hero's Journey. And, while the Parkinson’s community is most welcome, this class is, first and foremost, directed toward families who want to explore their legacy. Grandparents, parents and children, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles -  if there’s a family element, this one’s for you. Yes, and…you may absolutely take this course on your own, too. We’ve all got families. We’ve all got stories, hopes, dreams, pain and legacy. 

The central hurt in Field of Dreams is Ray Kinsella’s (Kevin Costner) loss of his father, John, before they got to know who they were and what they wanted from life. Regret is one of the most powerful and haunting emotions in our spectrum. Many people deny their regret, fearful that there is nothing that can be done about it. Brene’ Brown counsels us otherwise: “When we deny our stories, they define us. When we own our stories, we get to write a brave new ending.” 

So it goes with storytelling. We can ease our pain, healing ourselves and others by listening to the voices calling out from within. We can write new endings that change our trajectory and free the generations that follow from the burden and shadows of regret. In order to live our dreams, we have to listen first, then be brave enough to say yes, and to the journey.

Again, this class is for everyone and we hope you’ll join us. Find out more and sign up today at:

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Our dear influencer, Joseph Campbell. He explained human nature throughout history having the innate ability to live and heal through stories. 

There is healing magic within this program based on his words. No matter what form of this class you choose. It will help you unlock the story of your dreams. 

It opens up your mind to life changing possibilities. Making the prospect of improving your life through storytelling just a few clicks away. So please sign up for Day One today. ;)

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